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Henry Sibley Class of 1985

1985 Missing Persons

30 Year Reunion Sponsorship

MISSING PERSONS!  Do you know where any of these classmates are, or how to contact them?  We sure could use your help.  Send any info you may have to us at!  Thanks for your help!

Missing Persons--Last updated 01/07/11
Mark Bauer
Steve Bonine
Pat Capistrant
Earl Carter
Steve Chlebeck Wolf
Wil Cooper
Jeff Countryman
Steph Drill
Dan Erickson
Jason Frisch
James Gordon
Grace Hansen
Paul Henrich
Bernie Isaak
Colleen Kolstad
Beth Kuller
Angie Luther
Tom Meyer*
Steve Nordstrom
Maureen Omodt
James Orr
John Pavlik
Sue Poehler
Ann Poppler Chadwick
Dave Rogalla
Mike Rooney
Tim Ruhnke
Nancy Schmitz Eliason
Tom Snee
Mark Thesenvitz*
Christa Velasquez*
Greg Wagner
People on this list are those who we do not have an e-mail or postal address or phone number for, or no one on the Reunion Committee has them as a Facebook friend.
*on Facebook; did not respond to message and/or friend request from reunion committee member.

Stay tuned for the date of the next reunion committee meeting.

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